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Wealthy don’t make inheritance a priority

Many children of the super-wealthy shouldn’t be counting on getting an inheritance. In a nationwide survey of 457 adults with at least $3 million in investable assets, U.S. Trust found that only 49 percent said that “leaving a financial inheritance is personally important.” Get the full story »

U.S. says number of rich paying estate tax drops

The wealthy few who pay a tax on inheritances has dropped significantly over the last decade, according to data released by the U.S. government on Friday. Get the full story »

Senate moves to revive estate tax

Two senators, a Democrat and a Republican, are pushing to revive the expired estate tax at a reduced rate. Democrat Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Republican Jon Kyl of Arizona hope to attach the new estate tax to a small business lending bill pending in the Senate. Their bill would set the top estate tax rate at 35 percent, with a per-person exemption of $5 million, indexed to inflation.