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Google stock loses shine, back to 2007 price

Google’s stock is exactly where it was in September 2007, and it has fallen 9 percent since Eric Schmidt announced in January that he’d be stepping down as CEO. The problem, investors say, is that for every reason to believe in Google, there seems to be a counterbalancing reason for concern. Get the full story »

Google reports strong earnings, new CEO

Google Inc. said Thursday that co-founder Larry Page will take charge of day-to-day operations as chief executive starting April 4.

Current CEO Eric Schmidt will become executive chairman. Get the full story »

Google’s Schmidt: ‘I misspoke’ on Street View | In attempting to remove the foot he placed in his mouth on CNN last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt assured people they could have their house removed from the search engine’s Street View if its presence there worries them.

Google to start TV service in U.S. this fall

Google will launch its new service to bring the Web to TV screens in the United States this autumn and worldwide next year, its chief executive said, as it extends its reach from the desktop to the living room. Get the full story »