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CUB wary of ComEd 7% rate-hike request

Commonwealth Edison is seeking an electricity rate hike of about 7 percent, a move quickly met with skepticism from consumer advocates.

ComEd’s proposal, filed Wednesday with the Illinois Commerce Commission would add less than $6 per month to the average residential monthly bill of $86, the company said in a statement. Any approved new rates would not take effect until June 2011. The utility said it would use the money to modernize its grid by investing in technology that reduces the duration and number of power outages. The rate hike would also “recover the cost of substantial investments made since the last rate filing in 2007,” the company said. Get the full story »

ComEd says almost all will have power back today

Only 14,000 Commonwealth Edison customers are still without power this morning, and the utility said it expects electricity will have been restored by the end of today to 99 percent of the estimated 595,000 customers who lost it in Friday’s wind and thunderstorms. Only a few isolated customers will have to wait until Tuesday, the utility said.

Exelon chair calls for cap-and-trade, carbon tax

From Reuters | Exelon Chairman John Rowe said a cap-and-trade or a carbon tax are the only energy reform policies that would lead to cleaner energy, greater security, job
creation and lowest cost. Rowe made the remarks at a conference at MIT, adding that he thought chances of cap-and-trade passing are now “slim.” Chicago-based Exelon, is the country’s largest generator of nuclear power.

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