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ComEd takes licks at rate hike public hearing

Commonwealth Edison faced a tough room Thursday at a public hearing to discuss the utility’s request for rate hikes that would add $5 a month to the average customer’s electricity bill.

“It couldn’t come at a worse time. When you have the economy as it is and these unemployed people, where’s the money going to come from?” said apartment building owner and Lansing resident James Kimbrough. Get the full story »

ComEd to renew push for automatic rate hikes

Commonwealth Edison Co. is pushing for legislation that would increase gas and electric bills according to a formula, rather than through the more complicated regulatory processĀ  used today.

The company said a more streamlined regulatory process would allow it to quickly and predictably recoup investments aimed at modernizing the electrical grid rather than having to wait the 11 months needed to decide a rate case. A similar proposal ComEd brought forward last year that did not include the state’s other utilities, flamed out with lawmakers. Get the full story »