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Construction strike skews Illinois jobless numbers

Illinois lost 20,200 jobs in July, but the numbers look worse than they are because of last month’s construction strike that shut down projects across the state.

The 19-day work stoppage ended around July 20 but not before the Illinois Department of Employment Security took its survey of the labor force. Get the full story »

HP to sell $300 netbook for classroom use

By Frank Michael Russell | Computer and printer giant Hewlett-Packard today is introducing a $300 netbook PC designed for heavy-duty classroom use. According to a company statement, the HP Mini 100e Education Edition is designed “to close the digital divide by offering students and teachers an interactive learning experience at an affordable price.”

DeVry, other for-profit educators under fire

Dow Jones Newswires | For-profit education companies were under pressure Thursday after a U.S. Department of Education official did an about-face and bashed the companies and the accreditation process in a speech late Wednesday, allegedly comparing the sector with Wall Street firms whose actions brought about the financial turmoil of the last few years.

In a speech to state regulators who oversee for-profit colleges, Robert Shireman, the man behind the Education Department’s strategy, called out the colleges one by one for the increasing amounts of federal student aid money they’re getting, according to an article in industry publication Inside Higher Ed.

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