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Exelon CEO: Congress should ‘do nothing’ on energy policy

John W. Rowe. (Chuck Berman/Chicago Tribune)

Natural gas will remain cheaper than other sources of electricity generation for “a long time,” Exelon Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive John W. Rowe said Tuesday.

“I have never seen a time, not once, where one fuel source seems to be so dominant for so long,” said Rowe, one of the senior utility executives in the U.S. and former head of two utility trade organizations in Washington. “The supply-demand equations for gas are very powerful and I believe they are real for a long time.”

As a result of those economics, Rowe said, the U.S. Congress should “do nothing” on energy policy and allow the market to replace aging coal generating plants with natural gas, which releases less carbon than coal when burned. Get the full story »

Exelon chair calls for cap-and-trade, carbon tax

From Reuters | Exelon Chairman John Rowe said a cap-and-trade or a carbon tax are the only energy reform policies that would lead to cleaner energy, greater security, job
creation and lowest cost. Rowe made the remarks at a conference at MIT, adding that he thought chances of cap-and-trade passing are now “slim.” Chicago-based Exelon, is the country’s largest generator of nuclear power.

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