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CBOE volatility index falls to 2010 low

From Bloomberg News | The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, or VIX, which is considered the benchmark index for U.S. stock options, fell to a three-year low as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index moved in its narrowest range since April 2007 and rose for a fifth day to reach a two-year high.

CBOE’s VIX index seeing burst of copycats

The popularity of the VIX index, which has become a widely watched barometer of investor fear since the financial crisis, is generating a host of spinoffs, copycats and derivatives. It is adding up to big business for VIX’s owner, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, as well as partners and competitors that have developed products pegged to, or inspired by, the VIX. Get the full story »

CBOE: Regulator’s ‘flash crash’ report falls short

The head of the largest U.S. options exchange said a regulator report falls short of explaining what happened in the May “flash crash,” adding to skepticism that has grown since it was released October 1. Get the full story »

Paul Kolton, first CBOE chairman, dead at 87

New York Times | Paul Kolton, founder of the Chicago Board Options Exchange who went on to become the he first paid chairman of the American Stock Exchange, has died at age 87.

Reuters: Wells Fargo traded 8% lower on CBOE

Shares of Wells Fargo & Co. traded on the CBOE Stock Exchange Thursday morning at a price about 8 percent below its price on other exchanges, Reuters data showed.

The action was notable because sudden drops in stock prices have become more scrutinized after the May 6 “flash crash,” when markets fell precipitously inĀ  minutes. Get the full story »

CBOE Futures Exchange launches first VIX options

CBOE Futures Exchange LLC said early on Thursday that it will launch its first weekly options on its volatility futures contract, which would expand the exchange’s portfolio of derivative contracts tied to market volatility. Get the full story »

CBOE parent to add electronic exchange

The parent of the Chicago Board Options Exchange is hooking up some of the biggest Wall Street banks and trading firms to a long-planned electronic exchange, set to launch in late October.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Interactive Brokers Group Inc. are among the dozen firms forging connections to the new market, according to persons involved in the process. Get the full story »

CBOE volume up more than 200% in July

The CBOE Futures Exchange LLC said today that July 2010 trading volume totaled 270,014 contracts, compared to 89,851 contracts during July 2009.

July marked the 10th consecutive month in which total volume registered an increase when comparing year-over-year trading activity. July’s volume rose three percent from the 261,451 contracts that traded during June 2010.

Investor’s moves value CBOE at $3B before IPO

Reuters | The Chicago Board Options Exchange’s biggest investor
boosted his stake in the No. 1 U.S. options market on Monday in a bet
that puts CBOE’s value on the eve of its initial public offering at $3

Thomas Caldwell, chairman of Toronto-based Caldwell Investment
Management, paid $2.475 million for one seat and $2.45 million for
another, he told Reuters.

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CBOE to list new ETF Weekly options on Friday

Reuters | The Chicago Board Options Exchange, the largest U.S. options market,
said it will begin trading new one-week options on four exchange-traded
funds that track major stock benchmarks starting on Friday.

The shorter-term options will be listed on the Standard & Poor’s
Depositary Receipts, the Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock, DIAMONDS Trust, Series 1 and the iShares Russell 2000
Index Fund, CBOE said in a statement on Thursday.

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CBOE proposes IPO of 11.7 million shares

Dow Jones Newswires | The Chicago Board Options Exchange has assembled a team of 18
underwriters for its planned initial public stock offering in June under the ticker
CBOE. CBOE Holdings Inc. said in a filing Tuesday that it will sell 11.7
million shares to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in an initial
public offering expected to raise up to $300 million, which would value the exchange at about $3 billion.

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Wall Street’s wild ride spills into Chicago’s markets

CBOE-for-Web.jpgTraders in the S&P 500 pit at the Chicago Board Options Exchange on May 6, 2010. (Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune)

By Greg Burns
| One of the wildest 20 minutes in Wall Street history spilled into Chicago’s major markets Thursday, prompting one exchange to declare a series of trades “clearly erroneous,” and another to suggest that a hot rumor was wrong.

The CBOE Stock Exchange invoked a government-sanctioned rule to unwind 18 trades made in the stock of Chicago’s Accenture Plc that all took place within a few minutes Thursday afternoon at the price of a penny per share.

Accenture closed down $1.08 at $41.09, and no news from the company would have justified those rock-bottom trades.

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