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Pentagon: ‘Clerical error’ won’t hurt tanker bid

Bloomberg | Chicago-based Boeing Co. and European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Co. shouldn’t see any significant fallout from a “clerical error” releasing some data on their bids for a $35 billion aerial tanker program, the Defense Department said. The Air Force disclosed Nov. 19 that the service mistakenly provided Boeing and EADS with “a limited amount” of data on the offers that are now under government review.

Smoke forces Boeing 787 test flight landing

A Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner on Tuesday made an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas, after the crew reported smoke in the cabin during a test flight, according to the company and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The No. 2 plane of Boeing’s six-member test fleet was on a planned flight and routine approach to the Texas border city when a fire broke out in the rear of the cabin at about 2:50 p.m. local time. Get the full story »

Boeing adds orders for 20 new planes

Boeing Co. says it booked orders for 20 new aircraft in the last week, although it lost a few, too. The new orders include 15 new 737s. That jet is a workhorse and it dominates Boeing’s order book. Customers also ordered five new 777s, a larger plane often used on longer flights. None of the customers were identified.

EU appeals WTO ruling against Airbus

The European Union plans on Wednesday appealed a World Trade Organization ruling that Airbus SAS received $20 billion in illegal government subsidies that unfairly tilted the global aircraft market — to the detriment of Chicago-based Boeing Co. The appeal had been widely expected, and will likely prolong the already long-running dispute between the E.U. and U.S. over government funding to planemakers Airbus and Boeing. Get the full story »

FAA tells airlines to inspect Boeing cockpit windows

From Bloomberg | The Federal Aviation Administration said today that U.S. airlines flying Boeing Co. 757, 767 and 777 aircraft must inspect or replace the cockpit windows after 11 reports of fires tied to electrical wiring in the past two decades.

Pentagon pressures Boeing, others to reduce costs

Lockheed Martin Corp. is moving to trim its executive ranks as the Pentagon, its biggest customer, pressures defense contractors to cut overhead costs on huge weapons programs. Lockheed said Tuesday it is offering directors and vice presidents financial incentives to leave voluntarily by Feb. 1.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said last week that he wants to find savings among the roughly $400 billion the Pentagon will spend this fiscal year on defense contractors. The companies, which also include Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Co. and Boeing Co., among others, provide the military with a wide range of weapons and services.

Boeing spent $4.1M lobbying government in 1Q

Airplane maker and defense contractor Boeing Co. spent more than $4.1 million in the first quarter to lobby the federal government on aerospace and defense issues, according to a recent disclosure report.

The lobbying tab was 69 percent higher than the $2.4 million Boeing spent on lobbying during the first quarter of 2009.
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Boeing gets $1.53B U.S. contract for C-17s

Boeing Co. has received a $1.53 billion U.S. Air Force contract for eight C-17 transport planes, the Pentagon said on Tuesday in a daily list of contract awards.

It said $734 million has already been obligated toward the work.

The Obama administration has said it is opposed to Congress adding further funding for C-17 aircraft beyond those already budgeted for.

FAA finds cracks on at least 2 AMR 767s

The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority Tuesday said it found structural cracks on at least two of AMR Corp’s American Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 767 wide-body planes during recent safety checks.

The FAA said cracks could have caused engines to fall from aircraft.

The cracks were discovered on engine pylons on three of American’s 73 767s. An AMR spokesman, however, said the cracks appeared on only two planes.
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Boeing says 787 Dreamliner testing going well

cbb-a-dreamliner.jpg(Kevin P. Casey/Bloomberg)

Associated Press | Boeing Co. is putting its new 787 through an aggressive flight-testing
schedule, with the fourth plane set to begin test flights on Sunday.

Boeing is aiming to deliver the plane to its first customer by the end
of this year. By midyear it is aiming to fly six planes a total of 90
hours per week, Jim Albaugh, chief executive of Boeing’s commercial
airplane division, told analysts on Tuesday.

Albaugh said the testing so far has included more than 100 stalls, some
practice with an engine off, and a dive that brought it to Mach .97,
close to the speed of sound.

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