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FAA studies Boeing jet windshield fires

Serious electrical short-circuits cracked or burned portions of cockpit windshields on a pair of American Airlines jets in the past two weeks, ratcheting up concerns about such hazards potentially affecting thousands of Boeing Co. aircraft. Get the full story »

FAA steps up checks on Boeing 757s

Aviation regulators are poised to order stepped-up inspections of more than 600 Boeing Co. 757 jetliners worldwide, prompted by a recent in-flight incident that left roughly a one-foot hole in the fuselage of an American Airlines plane.

Impending safety directives by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to people familiar with the matter, are expected to cover certain older models of the widely used, twin-engine planes. The FAA is drafting enhanced inspection mandates in the wake of the sudden rupture and rapid decompression that occurred Oct. 26 while the American jet was cruising at 31,000 feet en route from Miami to Boston. Get the full story »

United considers ‘tulip’ livery for anniversary 757

United Airlines ignored frequent-flier pleas to “save the tulip” this summer as it rolled out a new brand and paint scheme. But the Saul Bass-designed U could live on, at least on one of United’s Boeing 757 jets.

To celebrate its 85th anniversary, United plans to repaint one of its jets in a classic  scheme, known as the livery in the airline business. Among the options: The “tulip,” paired with 1970s-style orange, red and blue stripes, a look that adorned United’s jets through the 1990s. Get the full story »

FAA tells airlines to inspect Boeing cockpit windows

From Bloomberg | The Federal Aviation Administration said today that U.S. airlines flying Boeing Co. 757, 767 and 777 aircraft must inspect or replace the cockpit windows after 11 reports of fires tied to electrical wiring in the past two decades.

US: Boeing cockpit fire cause not fixed

U.S. federal aviation officials have known for years that cockpit window heaters in some Boeing planes catch fire. But they haven’t required airlines to fix the problem, even after dozens of incidents that unnerved pilots and, in some cases, forced emergency landings. Get the full story »

Cockpit fire bring scrutiny on Boeing 757s, 767s

A cockpit blaze aboard a United Airlines jet last month revived a long-running debate over the dangers of potential windshield electrical fires on hundreds of Boeing aircraft.

But now, the incident also has focused attention on a related safety issue: Pilot complaints that emergency cockpit-oxygen systems on many of the same planes aren’t adequate to cope with such hazards. Get the full story »