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India sees solution on BlackBerry e-mails

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion may provide some solution next week to help Indian security agencies access corporate email by obtaining encrypted data in readable format, a government source said on Friday. Get the full story »

Saudi-BlackBerry fix deadline passes

A deadline Saudi Arabia has fixed for BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion LtdĀ  and local mobile phone operators to address security concerns has lapsed, but the handset’s services continue to operate normally.

The Communications and Information Telecommunications Commission (CITC) on Saturday gave the kingdom’s three mobile firms until Monday before it proceeds with a threat to cut the BlackBerry’s Messenger function for some 700,000 users in the kingdom, a threat which it had already delayed last week. Get the full story »

As ban looms, some Saudis sell off BlackBerrys

Some Saudis are trying to sell their BlackBerrys ahead of a ban on the smart phone’s messenger service in the kingdom. The Saudi telecoms regulatory agency said this week the service would be halted Friday. By mid-afternoon, it was still operating.

Clinton: U.S. to talk to UAE about BlackBerry ban

The United States will hold technical talks with the United Arab Emirates and other countries on the pending ban on the BlackBerry Messenger, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday. Get the full story »