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Fed’s Evans: Investors still expect bailouts

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans on Friday said investors may still expect ailing financial institutions to be bailed out by governments despite reforms aimed at reversing market psychology. Get the full story »

Fed to identify banks that drew emergency loans

The Federal Reserve plans to release documents on Thursday identifying financial companies that received Fed loans to survive the financial crisis. Get the full story »

U.S. panel issues mixed final verdict on bailouts

The government’s bailout of banks, auto makers and insurers helped prevent a more severe economic crisis, but might have sowed the seeds of the next one, a congressional watchdog group said Wednesday in its final report.

The Congressional Oversight Panel said that the government’s rescue fund may have prevented an economic depression by sending billions of dollars to companies crippled in financial crisis that erupted in 2008. But little has been done to aid to homeowners facing foreclosure or others far from Wall Street, it said. Get the full story »

AIG to get $22B in TARP funds for restructuring

The U.S. Treasury said on Monday that bailed-out insurer American International Group will draw up to $22 billion in Treasury funds to facilitate its restructuring and prepare for an eventual government exit. Get the full story »

AIG could announce exit plan in days

American International Group is close to finalizing a plan for the U.S. government to sell its stake in the insurer and is hoping it will yield a profit for taxpayers who bailed out the company, Chairman Steve Miller said on Wednesday. Get the full story »

More US banks skip latest payment on bailout aid

More than 100 U.S. banks failed to pay an Aug. 16 dividend on bailout money they borrowed from the U.S. government, signaling that the number of banks struggling to meet obligations under the program is rising. Get the full story »

Illinois Dems back TARP funds for ShoreBank

From | Illinois Democratic Reps. Bobby Rush, Danny Davis, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Jan Schakowsky have asked the Treasury Department to tap remaining TARP funds to help ShoreBank.