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American charging more for front rows of coach

Flight attendant Robert Johnson stands in between first class and coach on an American Airlines 737-800 plane in 2009. (Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)

As part of its quest for more non-ticket revenue, American Airlines will begin charging customers who want to sit in the first few rows of coach.

The price will begin at $19 per flight. Longer flights will cost more. For example, a seat on a Chicago to Honolulu flight will cost $39. A seat on a flight to Boston from O’Hare International Airport will cost $29.

American did not specify how many rows of seats will be affected by the new charges. Customers who purchase these coach seats also will be allowed to board in the first boarding group after first-class passengers and elite frequent fliers. Get the full story »

United Airlines demands first-class ticket for cello

From the Daily Mail | A Nebraska musician says United Airlines wouldn’t let him on a Denver-to-New York flight unless he paid $1,052 for a first-class ticket for his 300-year-old cello after determining it would not fit in the coach seat for which he had already bought a ticket. The musician said he had transported the cello in coach seats in the past and called airlines “anti-musician.”