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Boeing to speed up production of 777s, 747s

Associated Press | Boeing will speed up production plans for its
777 and 747 models in anticipation of greater demand from commercial
airlines in a couple of years.

The aircraft maker, based in Chicago, said Friday it will increase
production of its fuel-efficient 777 wide-body in mid-2011 to seven
airplanes per month from five. The ramp-up was originally planned early

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Boeing says 787 Dreamliner testing going well

cbb-a-dreamliner.jpg(Kevin P. Casey/Bloomberg)

Associated Press | Boeing Co. is putting its new 787 through an aggressive flight-testing
schedule, with the fourth plane set to begin test flights on Sunday.

Boeing is aiming to deliver the plane to its first customer by the end
of this year. By midyear it is aiming to fly six planes a total of 90
hours per week, Jim Albaugh, chief executive of Boeing’s commercial
airplane division, told analysts on Tuesday.

Albaugh said the testing so far has included more than 100 stalls, some
practice with an engine off, and a dive that brought it to Mach .97,
close to the speed of sound.

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