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U.S. flash crash panel calls for market overhaul

U.S. regulators should stem the growing tide of anonymous stock-trading and consider charging high-frequency traders fees for the disproportionate amount of orders they send into the marketplace, said a panel of experts advising how to avoid another “flash crash.”

The report laying out 14 recommendations for the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission contains some fresh ideas. Taken together, they would significantly overhaul the high-speed market that has gone increasingly electronic in the last decade. Get the full story »

SEC sets vote on ‘naked access’ trading ban

The Securities and Exchange Commission will vote Nov. 3 on whether to adopt a proposed ban on “naked access,” a trading arrangement that allows some firms to trade anonymously.

Naked access, offered to customers by some major banks and brokerage firms, allows traders to buy and sell stocks on exchanges using a broker’s computer code, which can shield their identity from regulators and exchanges. Get the full story »