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Boeing wins $30 billion tanker contract

The Boeing 767-based NewGen Tanker is pictured simultaneously refueling two F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft from the wing air refueling pods in this undated photo illustration, obtained on Feb. 24, 2011. (Reuters/Boeing/Handout)

The U.S. Air Force on Thursday awarded Boeing Co. a contract worth more than $30 billion to build airborne tankers, potentially ending a decade-long contracting saga that is one of the longest and strangest in Pentagon history.

The announcement was an upset win for Chicago-based Boeing, and quickly drew an allegation that Defense Department officials had been swayed by “Chicago politics” from Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), a leading Congressional supporter of rival bidder EADS. Get the full story »

Boeing, Airbus brace for U.S. tanker decision

The U.S. Air Force prepared on Thursday to announce the winner of an epic $35 billion procurement battle between Boeing and Airbus over 179 aerial refueling planes, its third attempt to start replacing a fleet of planes built before humans first landed on the moon.

Less than a dozen top Air Force and Pentagon officials know the outcome of a price shootout that saw both companies submit very aggressive offers, but which analysts increasingly expect Airbus parent EADS to win. Get the full story »

EADS submits ‘final,’ lower bid for Air Force tanker

EADS North America said it submitted a final proposal in the politically charged U.S. tanker competition against Boeing Co. and that it lowered its price.

“We submitted what we think is a very competitive price proposal,” EADS North America Chairman Ralph Crosby told a briefing for reporters. Get the full story »

Boeing prepares ‘final’ bid for Air Force tanker

Boeing Co. said Tuesday that it would submit a “final” bid for a $35 billion contract to supply the U.S. military with 179 aerial refueling tankers, as it tries to beat European rival Airbus.

A Boeing spokesman said the firm and  Air Force officials discussed the company’s proposal Monday and revisions would follow. Get the full story »

Pentagon: ‘Clerical error’ won’t hurt tanker bid

Bloomberg | Chicago-based Boeing Co. and European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Co. shouldn’t see any significant fallout from a “clerical error” releasing some data on their bids for a $35 billion aerial tanker program, the Defense Department said. The Air Force disclosed Nov. 19 that the service mistakenly provided Boeing and EADS with “a limited amount” of data on the offers that are now under government review.

Air Force data misstep could delay tanker contract again

The Air Force has again stumbled in the lucrative but long-drawn-out competition for air refueling tankers for which Airbus and Boeing are contending.

The Air Force told members of Congress on Friday that about two weeks ago it accidentally provided Chicago-based Boeing with detailed data on the Airbus bid, and vice versa. Get the full story »