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Toshiba does away with glasses in new 3-D TVs

Toshiba Corp. believes it has a solution for television viewers who like 3-D but hate the glasses. The Tokyo-based company on Monday unveiled the world’s first high definition liquid crystal display 3-D television that does not require special glasses — one of the biggest consumer complaints about the technology.

Glasses a deal-breaker for 3-D TV

Aside from the cost of buying 3-D TV sets, the glasses required to watch them are a major hindrance, according to a study released today by The Nielson Co. about consumer attitudes toward 3-D televisions.

Fifty-seven percent of people surveyed cited the glasses as a reason they were not likely to buy a set. Nearly nine in 10 people worry that it will constrain them from multitasking while the TV is on, the survey said. Get the full story »

Toshiba developing 3-D TVs that won’t require glasses

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp. said Tuesday it is developing technology for a 3-D television that won’t require viewers to wear special glasses. Toshiba’s new TVs will be a world first in offering glasses-free 3-D, according to the nationally circulated Yomiuri. Get the full story »

British pay TV company takes next step in 3D

British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC Wednesday confirmed it plans to launch a 3D television channel for consumer subscribers Oct. 1.

BSkyB, the U.K.’s biggest pay-television provider, said customers who pay for its top-tier subscription package and have Sky + high-definition compatible set-top boxes¬† would get the 3D channel free of charge. The company may later allow¬† subscribers on lower-cost packages to obtain the service, a spokesman said. Get the full story »