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Bidding at $1.5 million for Buffett lunch

Reuters |  A bidder is offering to pay more than $1.5 million for
a steak lunch with  billionaire investor Warren Buffett, driving the
top bid more than $500,000 higher in seven minutes as the annual charity
auction on eBay’s Web site heads into the homestretch.

The top bidder, whose identity is being kept anonymous, appears to be a
proxy bidder. Such bidders tell eBay in advance how much they are
willing to bid and are awarded the top bid if someone else bids less.

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Oprah shuts down Angel Network charity

Associated Press | Oprah Winfrey’s charity, The Angel Network, is shutting down as her talk show draws to a close. The network stopped accepting donations this week and said on its website that it plans to dissolve as soon as its remaining funds are disbursed.

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U.S. Bank makes donation to West Side school

By Becky Yerak |
Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank, which last October took over failed Park
National Bank in Chicago, has pledged $4 million, including a $2 million
matching grant, to Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory High
School on the West Side.

The $4 million pledge is the biggest donation ever  by U.S. Bank, a
company spokeswoman said. It includes a $2 million donation for a
work-study program. And the “U.S. Bank Capital Challenge” grant will
enable Christ the King to receive  $2 million in capital funding if it
receives at least that much from donors by May of 2015.

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