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Whirlpool closing call center

Appliance maker Whirlpool Corp. is closing one of its three U.S. contact centers because of a decreasing number of calls received from customers needing assistance. Get the full story »

Whirlpool opens showcase center downtown

Whirlpool Corp., hoping to spur sales of its appliances to designers and architects, is opening on Tuesday a showcase center in downtown Chicago called “The World of Whirlpool.’’

Josh Gitlin, Whirlpool sales director of training and development, said the idea is to show products in action to designers, architects and the media year around, without having to wait for trade shows where the company might only get a few minutes with potential customers. Get the full story »

Fines issued for refrigerator-part price fixing

The Justice Department said Thursday that Panasonic and Embraco, a Whirlpool subsidiary, are being fined more than $140 million for price fixing refrigerator parts. Get the full story »