Tyson Foods Inc.

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U.S. chicken industry seeks answers on Russia ban

(David Pierini/Chicago Tribune)

The U.S. chicken industry, which in September resumed shipping meat to Russia, has contacted the U.S. embassy in Moscow in an attempt to learn if Russia intends to stop such imports beginning Jan. 1.

The head of Russia’s consumer protection watchdog on Wednesday told Reuters in Moscow the country will ban sales and processing of deep-frozen poultry meat from Jan. 1, both domestic and imported, because freezing hurts the quality of the meat. Get the full story »

U.S. finds bias against women at Tyson plant

An Illinois meatpacking plant discriminated against women seeking entry-level jobs, the U.S. Labor Department charged in an administrative complaint filed Wednesday.

The plant is owned by a subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc. The Labor Department said Tyson has made biased hiring decisions at the facility since at least January 2003, when the agency first audited the plant. The alleged discrimination has resulted in the rejection of more than 750 female applicants.

The plant is located in Joslin, which is near the Quad Cities. Get the full story »

Tyson puts up some beefy profit numbers

Meat producer Tyson Foods Inc. reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit, but shares fell 4 percent on doubts the results can be sustained and that chicken prices may fall.

Tyson’s beef unit had a 5.6 percent profit margin versus 2.4 percent a year ago, while pork margins rose to 10 percent from 3 percent, helped by price increases because of a constricted meat supply. Get the full story »