Blue Bird recalls 3,900 school buses over fire hazard

Posted April 8 at 12:35 p.m.

School bus manufacturer Blue Bird Body Co. is recalling about 3,900 large school buses for a potential fire hazard.

A starter cable may rub against a power steering hose. That could create a short circuit and cause a fire.

The buses involved are model year 2004 through 2006 Blue Bird Vision buses manufactured from June 26, 2003, through Dec. 9, 2004.

The problem was discovered in December when routine inspections by customers found abrasion on some cables, according to a letter sent by Blue Bird to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Blue Bird began its own investigation in January and found that about 5 percent of the buses had chafing on the starter cable.

The busmaker will alert owners to inspect the cable to make sure there is enough space between it and the hose. In cases where there isn’t enough space, Blue Bird will install a clamp to keep them apart and replace damaged cables or hosesĀ  free. Recall notifications are expected to begin around May 10.

Blue Bird has had other recalls in the past year involving potential fire hazards, including one in involving a possible fuel leak and another involving a different potential short circuit.

A spokesperson for Blue Bird did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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