5 top Goldman execs took home $69M in ‘10

By Dow Jones Newswires
Posted April 1 at 6:09 p.m.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.  paid its top five executives a total of $69.6 million in cash and stock last year as the firm rebounded from the austerity imposed during the financial crisis.

That is up from total 2009 compensation for the five of $5.3 million, according to the firm’s annual proxy filing on Friday.

Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein alone received total compensation valued at $14.1 million last year, including a $5.4 million cash bonus, the same bonus awarded to the other four top executives.

Gary Cohn, chief operating officer, received 2010 pay valued at $13.8 million; David Viniar,  chief financial officer, received $13.9 million; Michael Evans, a vice chairman, received $13.9 million; and John Weinberg, a vice chairman, received $13.8 million.

None of the five got cash bonuses in 2009. Blankfein’s 2009 compensation totalled $1 million and included no stock.

Beginning this year, Blankfein gets a $2 million salary, more than triple the $600,000 he made last year. In January, Goldman raised his base pay and that of other top executives and the partnership, the first increase for the partners since the firm’s 1999 initial public offering.

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  1. The Capitalist April 1 at 9:48 pm

    If it’s a public company, there are no “Partners.”

  2. Jeff April 2 at 4:28 pm

    Those Obama contributions are really paying off, eh?

  3. leonard hamilton April 3 at 4:34 a.m.

    How do you get a raise when the company was assisted by the government? Sickening. Not illegal but disgusting. But I would take the money also.