Duerson items draw little attention on eBay

By Becky Yerak
Posted Feb. 24 at 4:34 p.m.

Dave Duerson had barely been dead for a day before memorabilia owners took to eBay, but goods related to the former Chicago Bears safety are turning out to be a hard sell.

About two-thirds of the 44 Duerson products listed on eBay have been posted since he committed suicide on Feb. 17. They range from 25 cents for a Topps card to $1,200 for a jersey he wore while playing for the Arizona Cardinals. Duerson played on the 1985 Bears team that won the Super Bowl, and also appeared in four Pro Bowls.

The lack of interest in Duerson’s items stands in sharp contrast to the demand that came from the passing of Ron Santo, said Ned Fishkin of CSP Sports & Coins in the Loop. Santo, a former Chicago Cubs player and broadcaster, died in December. “Either demand hasn’t caught up, or there’s little demand” for Duerson, Fishkin said.

Jerry Miller of Signature Sports in McHenry said he hadn’t “seen or heard of a spike or increase in sales of Dave Duerson products.”

Of the 11 items put up for auction since his death, only two bids have been received for one product, an autographed mint card with a starting price of $9.99, now priced at $11.50.

Generally, interest perks up after a sports figure dies.

“Anytime an athlete passes away, there is an increase in the value of memorabilia, especially signed memorabilia, because the supply that is out there is all the market will see from that point forward,” said Tom Bartsch, publisher of Sports Collectors Digest. “Prices will also be highest immediately following such a circumstance because of the publicity — people will be looking to sell Duerson memorabilia and likewise, collectors will be looking for memorabilia, especially those who want a complete roster from the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears.”

Other Duerson products on eBay include signed Notre Dame and Bears mini helmets listed for $130 each and posted after his death. Duerson played college football at Notre Dame.

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