US Airways to add 500 workers

By Reuters
Posted Nov. 8, 2010 at 9:54 a.m.

US Airways Group Inc. said on Monday it plans to add a total of 500 flight attendants and pilots through a combination of new hires and recalls of furloughed workers.

It said the need for the workers is driven by planned retirements and attrition. The carrier plans to hire 420 flight attendants and 80 pilots and expects most to be working by July 2011.

After the additions, the company said it expects it will have no flight attendants on furlough but may have up to 100 pilots remaining on furlough. It added it expects to have about 4,970 and 7,300 active pilots and flight attendants, respectively, after the recalls.

Other U.S. airlines have also announced plans to recall workers and add staff. Last month, Delta Air Lines Inc said it would add 1,000 flight attendants and AMR Corp’s American Airlines said it would bring back nearly 800 furloughed flight attendants and pilots.

Shares of US Airways were flat at $11.57 in morning trading.

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