U. of C. law professor stops blogging after outcry » Todd Henderson

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  1. Lauren Oct. 6, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Does anyone dispute that someone highly educated, with years of experience, who is successful in a competitive field and in a major city, should earn at least 5x the median individual income in the United States? I can tell you this: without a meaningful earnings disparity, I would not have gone to graduate school, built a career, foregone time with my family, employed people to help me (which enabled them to educate their children), and contributed half of what I earn every year to the Federal, state and local systems. Does that make ME a parasite?

    Be careful what you wish for: if you are a small business owner in a resort town, a contractor who fixes up kitchens, a social worker helping undernourished children, a bureaucrat, a hairdresser, an artist, a factory worker, a farmer, a pilates instructor, a professor, a software engineer, an uninsured patient …. guess what? High earners support you and subsidize you. Why do you despise them?

    Be careful what you wish for: