Illinois jobless rate dips to 10.1%

By Kathy Bergen
Posted Sep. 16, 2010 at 1:01 p.m.

The Illinois unemployment rate dropped by 0.2 points, to 10.1 percent, in August, making it the eighth consecutive month of steady or declining rates, according the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

In August, the national unemployment rate went up 0.1 point, to 9.6 percent.
The unemployment rate reflects residents who are out of work and seeking employment, and it is seasonally adjusted.

While unemployment dipped, so did the number of non-farm jobs in the state last month.

Employment dropped by 4,200 jobs, with the loss of government and Census 2010 positions representing 4,000 of those. There was a loss of jobs in July as well, with most in construction, which was hit by a strike.

Still, “so far this year, Illinois has added 37,000 jobs and reported a steady or declining unemployment rates for eight consecutive months,” said IDES Director Maureen O’Donnell. But, she noted, “this encouraging trend might not yet be felt at the neighborhood level for many people.”

The sectors leading job growth in the state include professional and business services, manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, and educational and health services.

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  1. depot jim Sep. 16, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Although the Official State Unemployment rate continues to move lower very slowly, the numbers are still bad. But I do not believe these numbers include those that are receiving extended unemployment benefits beyond 26 weeks. That group is higher than the official count of less than 26 weeks. Unfortunately the job market remains very bad. And the economy ad so called recovery remains very weak.