Dominick’s to introduce online coupon program

By Emily Bryson York
Posted Sep. 23, 2010 at 3:25 p.m.

Dominick’s is rolling out an online coupon program today that sorts, organizes and personalizes offers for its loyalty-card members.

The program, called “Just For U,” is designed to create a centralized location for customers to store coupons. Members will receive personalized offers based on purchase history, gleaned use of Dominick’s Fresh Values Card.

Customers can click on offers, and store the coupons on their loyalty cards to swipe at the register for savings, rather than printing them. The offers are good for 90 days, and can therefore be used continually over that period. Dominick’s will update the offers weekly, with the idea that this way, customers won’t miss sales on items they usually buy.

Just for U also allows customers to build shopping list with the program that they can either print or email to handheld devices, making it easier to shop, and harder to leave the list at home. Savings from program membership will be broken out as a separate item at the bottom of the customer’s receipt.

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