Gadget census pits Chicago against D.C.

By Julie Wernau
Posted Aug. 6, 2010 at 3:23 p.m.

When President Barack Obama moved from Chicago to the White House, he also moved to an area with 53 percent more BlackBerries, according to a recent study that pits cities against one another in terms of the gadgets they use.

And if it seems like every hipster in Chicago is rocking out to streaming music at work and on the train, that’s because they are — 45 percent more than their counterparts in Washington, D.C. Compared to D.C., you also won’t see too many Chicagoans watching television on an iPhone or reading books on their gadgets: 66 percent more of us own three or more TVs and we have 50 percent fewer e-Readers per capital than our nation’s capital, according to the gadget census, conducted by, an electronics review and shopping site.

Retrevo conducted the census online from March through July and received 7,500 responses, which were weighted according to demographics. Other findings:

Phoenix had the highest number of owners with “old” technology, such as film cameras and VCRs, earning it the tagline: “Where you’re most likely to see 12:00 flashing on a VCR.”

New York had the highest number of owners with emerging technology owners, such as iPads, netbooks and Blu-Ray players.

San Franciscoans were greenest with their gadgets, that is, more likely to recycle old devices and own energy efficient gadgets.

– And while Chicagoans love their TVs, folks in the Atlanta area watched the most.

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