Pace American may close Indiana trailer plant

Posted June 8, 2010 at 5:59 a.m.

Associated Press | A northern Indiana cargo trailer maker says
it may close its plant in the city of Middlebury — a move that would
cost 150 workers their jobs. Illinois-based Pace American Inc. notified
the state of the possible closing late last week, saying it is in the
process of selling its business operations and assets.

If the northern Indiana plant closes, Pace American CEO Jim Tennant says the decision is likely to be permanent. Pace American’s plant employs 118 hourly and 32 salaried workers.

A closure of the Middlebury plant would be another blow for Elkhart County, where 14.1 percent of the work force was unemployed in April, the last month for which state statistics are available.

Pace American has other plants in Texas, Utah, Georgia and Oregon.


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